A Comparative Glance at
the Quran
and the

The Holy Bible- The Structure of Christianity- The Main Rites of Christianity- The Exact Number of the Gospels-
Four Gospels- Church Viewpoint- Some Scholars' Viewpoints

Common Beliefs between the Holy Quran and the New Testament
Monotheism-The Origins of Polytheism and Heterogeneity with Monotheism- The Christ's Nativity according
to the Quran- The Christ's Nativity according to the New Testament-The Common Points Regarding the Story of the Christ's Nativity- The Prophetic Mission of Christ (A.S)- The Miracles of Christ (A.S)- Jesus Christ (A.S) as The Word of Allah (Kalimat Allah) - The Disciples of Christ (A.S)- Christ's Confirmation of The Torah legitimacy

The Common Ethical Instructions Between the Quran and the Gospel
Helping without Waiting to Requite and Alms Giving in Secret- Greeting while Entering- Forgiving Others' Mistakes- Revering the Parents- Demanding Honour from Allah (SWT) and not Man

The Events of The Day of Judgement (Qiyamat)
Nature Changes while the Day of Judgement is Approaching- The Angels' Role on the Day of Judgement-
The Blowing of the Trumpet- Separating Good and Evil in the Day of Judgement- The People of Right hand and the People of Left hand- Qiyamat, the Day of Judgement and Reward- The Length of the Day of Judgement

Servitude and Prayer to Allah (SWT)- Supplication (Du'a)- Fasting

Common Examples Among the Quran and the Gospel
Adam (A.S)- Noah (A.S)- Ibrahim (A.S)- Lot (A.S)- Jonah (A.S)- Joseph (A.S)- Moses (A.S)
and John (A.S