3:6 He it is Who has revealed to you (O Muhammad!) the Scripture, whereof some Ayats (or verses) are Decisive (and fundamental, giving rise to a definite meaning)- these are the Mother (i.e. Foundation) of the Scripture, and others are allegorical (or ornamental, giving different meanings, such verses must be interpreted on the basis of the fundamental ones, 39:23). Then as to those in whose hearts there is perversity, they in fact follow the allegorical part of it seeking (to create) trouble and seeking to give it (imaginary) interpretations (in the form of mythological stories, instead of basing on the fundamental verses of the Qur-an; and when they fail to justify their myths with other verses, they claim one or the other verse as abrogated; whereas there is no discrepancy nor any abrogation in the entire Qur-an, 4:82). But no one knows the (true) interpretation of it except Allah (and so their inherent meanings will be available in the God-sent Qur-an, not in man-made stories). And the steadfast in knowledge (4:162, who extract the inner meaning of these verses by proper study and research, 38:29; 47:24) would say: "We believe in it,- the whole (of it) is from the presence of our Rabb (Who has made the whole Qur-an easily understandable, 26:195; 44:58)." And no one minds (this rule of interpretation) except those possessed of understanding.