((The month of Ramdhaan [is that] in which was revealed the Qur.an, a guidance for the
people and clear proofs of guidance and criterion.)) Al-Baqarah 185
The month of Ramadhan is upon us, the month of fasting, and as it is also well-known, the
month of
the Qur.an.
Ibn .Abbas narrated that the Messenger of Allah, , was the most generous of men, and
was the most generous of all druing the month of Ramadhan when he would meet Jibreel.
He used to meet Jibreel, peace upon him, every night during Ramadhan and he [Jibreel]
would teach him the Qur.an. When the Messenger of Allah, , would meet Jibreel his
normal generosity would increase to be faster than the rain-bearing wind. Bukhari and
The Messenger of Allah, , used to recite the whole Qur.an to Jibreel during Ramadhan,
and in the year he died, , he recited the whole Qur.an to Jibreel twice. (Bukhari 4712).
The scholars have taken from this the allowance of completing the recitation of whole Qur.an
in the month of Ramadhan. There is evidence by this previous hadeeth that it is liked to
complete the recitation of the whole Qur.an during Ramadhan one or more times. It is
sunnah to complete the recitation of the Qur.an every month, and if possible every week, and
if possible every three days. The previous righteous used to set aside a large proportion of
their time in Ramadhan for recitation of the Qur.an and feeding the poor. Al-Imam Maalik,
may Allah have mercy on him, used to abandon the reading of hadeeth during Ramadhan,
and would take up the recitation of the Qur.an from the copy of the Qur.an. Many of the
righteous predesssors used to increase their recitation so much in Ramadhan so much that
they would complete the recitation in two days, and in the last ten nights, every night.
The Qur.an was started in revelation to the Prophet, , during Ramdhan, and was
brought down from the protected tablet to the earthly heaven during Ramadhan.
[Explanation of aayah 185 of surah al-Baqarah]. The Prophet, , used to recite the
complete revelation to the angel Jibreel during Ramadhan, and for all theses reasons, the
Muslim should take special care to recite more of the Qur.an during Ramadhan. Ibn Katheer
in his explanation of aayah 185 stated, that there is praise of this month since Allah selected
this month for the revelation of the Qur.an, and that all the revealed books of the other
prophets were revealed in this month [of Ramdhan.]. Imam Ahmed reported that Waa.ilah
bin Al-Asqa. said, .The Messenger of Allah, said, .The scrolls of Ibraahim were revealed
in the first night of Ramadhan, and the Torah was revealed after six days past of Ramadhan,
the Gospels were revealed after 13 days passed of Ramadhan, and the Qur.an was revealed
after 24 days passed of Ramadhan.. The scrolls, the Torah, and the Gospels were revealed
all at once, but the Qur.an was brought down to the .House of Might. in the earthly heaven
during Ramadhan, on the night of Power. The Qur.an then was revealed in separate pieces
to the Messenger of Allah, , according to the occurences.
The Qur.an was revealed for us to recite and ponder, as in a translation of the explanation of
the meaning of aayah 29 of surah Saad says: (([This is] a blessed Book which We have
revealed to you, [O Mohammed], that they might reflect upon its aayaat and that those of
understanding would be reminded. )), so we should not have our ultimate goal as the
completion of recitation without pondering the meaning. Just because the righteous
predesssors reciting and finished the whole Qur.an in two nights does not mean they did not
ponder its meaning.
The recitation of the Qur.an should be in Arabic, and for non-Arabs who do not understand
the meaning, an additional reading from the translation of the meaning is most likely needed
so they can absorb the meaning and ponder the aayaat.
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