Righteous Islam has raised the degree of science and scientists, and urged us to seek for knowledge, its main miracle is a "book" it is the Holy Koran ".and one of its verses "Read by the Name of your Lord ". We, the Arabs and Muslims, the men of pedigree in science, once we led the humanity to glory and strength, thanks to a liberal group of Arabs and Muslims scientists who held the torches and lit the darkness of the ignorance when Europe was in the darkness . Perhaps, on the scientific hand, our nations are the richest in heritage. Some civilizations followed successively which we had modeled after and taken care. We did that scientific and humane duty towards all the humanity.

Once the Arabic language was the international scientific language, it monopolized all the scientific issues; they might only spread in it. Yes, once Arabic language was the international one in that field and the modern western civilization, during its peak of glory era, owed to Arab Islamic civilization which intensively contributed in developing the western though via what the Europeans had exerted in the middle ages to translate Arabic issues, that knowledge they had absorbed, science obtained from radiation centers of the Arabs and Islamic civilization as Andalusia and Sicily, during the crusade wars, invading eastern south of Europe by the hands of Ottomans empire into various European languages. And it is our probity of duty clinging to our necks, we the successors of Arab Muslims, to hold the torch once more on the same way and lead the humanity as our ancestors had done previously.

The western assault on the Arab Islamic civilization nowadays and its synchronous with the barbarian savagery aggression on the Arab and Muslim nations of the western ally nations and which is called terrorism contention war .. It is in fact a new crusade war. It may be a lesson and an exhortation and a warning to us, the Arabs and Muslims; Not to doze again, not to leave the leadership from our hands and to make science our first and last means because it is the reason for strength and development and ascending glory stairs to cope with the convoy and equal them, then we maybe lead them on the runway to development and highness as our ancestors had done previously.

The science historians of Arab have agreed that the first human three teachers were "Aristotle the Greek", "Al Farabi the Turkish Muslim", "and Ibn Siena (Avicenna) the Bokhary Muslim". "Al Farabi (870-950 AD) one of the most famous Islamic philosophers and one of human thinking source whether in the East or the West. The scientific boards in the world celebrated for passing 1000 years on his death in the fifties of the 20th century.

Ibn Siena ( 980-1063 A.D) one of the pathfinders of the human thinking in an era considered a one of the brightest in the Islamic scientific civilization when Ibn Siena, Ibn Elhaytham and Al-biruni glared in its sky. Western scientists rushed to Ibn Siena's books to translate them into Latin and nearly all his books were translated into every language.

Other philosophies were affected by his philosophy, Dante the Italian considered him equivalent to HIPPOCRATES and Galen in medicine. George Sarton in his book " The old science and the modern civilization" said about Ibn Alhaytham that he was the greatest physics Muslim scientist and one of the greatest who worked with telescopes (light) during all eras. The moral foundations of Ibn Alhaytham, the Arab Egyptian (965 -1038 A.D), was" Preferring the rightness not tending with affection". It was the manners of the great scientist. Don’t we see him a model to be followed after a millennium of his era? Also Abu Rehan Albayruni (963 -1048A.D) the Muslin Afghani distinguished by a rare mentality whereas the orientalist Sakhao said about Albayruni “He was the greatest scientific mentality in history and one of the greatest minds appeared in the world. He was the greatest scientist in his period and one of the greatest scientists in all eras. The American orientalist “Eryopop” said “At any list contains the names on the greatest scientists, the Albayruni’s name must have a high position”.

Ibn Roushd ( Averroes ) the Arab Andalusian philosopher (1126 - 1198 A.D), that Europe knew as (Averroes). "Ram Landau" said in his book "The Arab's merits on the European renaissance" "The western philosophers could have never reached their level we see today unless they had obtained the results of Ibn Roushd's researches in philosophy.