What is the mankind's goal creation (in Quran)?

Worship to god 1-
وما خلقت الجن والانس الا لیعبدون سوره ذاریات verse 56
. I have only created Jinns and mortal, that They may serve Me.

2- Doing best deed

انا جعلنا ما علی الارض زینه لها لنبلوهم ایهم احسن عملا سوره کهف- آیه 7

. That which is on earth we have made but As a Show for the earth, In order that we may test them - As to which of are best In conduct.

الذی خلق الموت والحیواه لیبلوکم ایکم احسن عملا وهو العزیزالغفور سوره ملک- آیه 2
. He who created death and life, that He may try which of you is best In deed: and He is the Exalted In Might, Oft-Forgiving;-

3- Growth Of mankind's

یایها الناس انا خلقنکم من ذکر وانثی وجعلنکم شعوبا وقبائل لتعارفوا ان اکرمکم عندالله اتقنکم ان الله علیم خبیر حجرات- آیه 13
. O mankind! we created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and Tribes, that ye may know Each other (Not that ye may despise (each other). Verily the Most honoured of you In the sight of Allah is (He who is) the Most righteous of you. and Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things).

reward Giving 4-
ا لیه مر جعکم جمیعا وعدالله حقا انه یبدوا الخلق ثم یعیده لیجزی الذین ء امنو وعملوا الصلحت بالقسط والذین کفروا لهم شراب من حمیم وعذاب الیم بما کانوا یکفرون سوره یونس- آیه 4
. To Him will be your return- of all of you. the promise of Allah is true and sure. it is He who beginneth the process of creation, and repeateth it, that He may reward with justice those who believe and work righteousness; but those who reject Him will have draughts of boiling fluids, and a penalty grievous, because They did reject Him.