Consequence of following the desire
1- they are like dog
öولو شئنا لرفعنه بها ولکنه اخلدالی الارض واتبع هوه فمثله کمثل الکلب ان تحمل علیه
یلهث او تترکه یلهث ذلک مثل القوم الذین کذبوا بایتنا فاقصص القصص لعلکم یتفکرون
Surah araf

176. If it had been Our will, we should have elevated Him with Our Signs; but He inclined to the earth, and followed His own vain desires. His similitude is that of a dog: if you attack him, He lolls out His tongue, or if you leave Him alone, He (still) lolls out His tongue. that is the similitude of those who reject Our Signs; so relate the story; Perchance They may reflect.
2- astray
یداود انا جعلنک خلیفه فی الارض فاحکم بین الناس با لحق ولا تتبع الهوی فیضلک عن سبیل
الله ان الذین یضلون عن سبیل الله لهم عذاب شدید بما نسوا یوم الحساب surah saad

26. O David! we did indeed make Thee a vicegerent on earth: so judge Thou between men In truth (and justice): nor follow Thou the lusts (of Thy heart), for They will mislead Thee from the path of Allah. for those who wander astray from the path of Allah, is a penalty grievous, for that They forget the Day of account.
3- they are like animal
ارءیت من اتخذ الهه هوه افانت تکون علیه وکیلا – ام تحسب ان اکثرهم یسمعون اویعقلون ان . surah forgan هم الا کالانعم بل هم اضل سبیلا

43. Seest Thou such a one As taketh for His god His own passion (or impulse)? couldst Thou be a disposer of affairs for Him?
44. Or thinkest Thou that Most of them listen or understand? They are only like cattle;- Nay, They are worse astray In path.